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Deze week eens een keer geen sex, drugs and rock and roll....

maar STILTE, in the 10 days retreat at the monastery Dharma Hermitage in Suan Mokkh, Chaiya, Surat Thani, Thailand.

It is a very special period of time in one's life which one devotes just to oneself. The time to explore and learn the "innerside" of oneself. Thus getting to know oneself. Thus getting to know thoroughly, in alle aspects e.g. who one is, what one really needs or wants in life, what is the real goal in one's life, how one can accomplish it etc.

the CHANCE to reflect, modify, adjust and/or make changes in one's life

How is it done?

In the retreat, all participants required to observe rules among wich are as follow:-

  • keep complete silence
  • refrain from
  • destroying all forms of life (ja, ook al zie je scorpioenen, mega-spinnen en slangen)
  • taking things without permission
  • harming the other by speech
  • any sexuale activity, mentally, verbally or bodily
  • smoking or intoxicating oneself with any intoxicant
  • having a meal in between afternoon and before dawn
  • beautifying or entertaining oneself
  • sleeping or sitting on luxurios bed or seat (slapen op een tafel met een houten kussen, echt het slaap goed)
  • stay the whole 10 days (made it!)
  • observe the schedule strictly (ikke niet altijd)

What the participants learn?

1. Theory

a) the concept of four noble truth these are;

  • DUKKHA - traditionally translated to English as suffering but contemporarily known as stress, frustration, anger etc.
  • the cause of Dukkha
  • the cessation of Dukkha
  • the way to the cessation of Dukkha

b) anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing)

  • the breath and the body
  • the feelings
  • the mind
  • the Dhamma

2. Practice

a) formal meditation

  • sitting meditation
  • standing meditation
  • walking meditation
  • lying down meditation

b) meditation in action (in daily life)

c) consultation (niet nodig gehad)


These are a few basic benetfits among others which one normally gains after attending the full 10 day retreat

  • by being completely isolated for 10 days, and be only with oneself and one's mind, one gets the chance to really get to know oneself. There is no way to escape for there is no one to talk, no radio nor television to watch, no book to read, nothing to write. Thus one is forced to face oneself, to look inside and to read one's own mind. The chance like this is very rare in an ordinairy daily life
  • one learns to focus one's mind on one thing at a time and not letting it be scattered all over places. Thus can preform any thing more effectively and efficiently
  • one learns to be 'here and now' at this present moment with an undivided attentiveness and concentrating on what is being done at this moment. By being totally aware of here and now, one lets go the worries of the past and the anxieties of the future or alle other events. Thus frees oneself from stresses and becomes more relax, calm, peaceful and understanding
  • one learns about feelings and emotions, how to treat them right and frees oneself from their influence and controls which results in a more peaceful and happier, contented life
  • with mindfulness training supported by anapanasati and the talks given in the retreat, one can apply as tools to cope with daily life situations and problems to make one's life more simple, healthier, happier and stress-free.

Registration Fee

All participants are required to pay 1,500 Baht fee to cover the cost of their own food during the stay. The teaching is free of charge. After registration each participant will be provided with a personal room with a mosquito net, a pillow, a simple straw mat and a blanket.

What to take to the retreat?

  • Loose clothing e.g. t-shirt, fisherman pants. No sleeveless shirts or shorts, no see through
  • women need to wear bras
  • slippers, since shoes have to be taken off in all buildings
  • flash lights
  • mosquito repellent (no coiled type) (was echt nodig)
  • personal toiletries (10 bad hair days and no make up)
  • no food, the food provided is vegetarian, two meals a day plus drink in the evening (het kan echt)


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