last days alone in paradise



Saturday, 19th of May 2007


Dwaas left paradise to spend some days in KL (Kuala Lumpur), so alone in paradise.

So I took a cab, to go shopping in Seminyak (lies 15 minutes above Kuta)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!














Bags full of heads, bracelets, necklets and finally found my favourite tongs, havaianas (green and pink with flower power). Found the earrings I wanted, the ones, the earring that look if you’re whole ear is pierced.

Eating at a warung (food stall) cheap and so delicious.

Time to take a cab back and spoil?? myself with my daily massage @ de Chy, holistic healing centre, JL Benesari, Legian – Kuta (opposite Taman Ayu II) from the best traditional healer in Bali, mr. Samiratha. He has been around the world (Hungary, Australia, Germany, Holland and Belgium) for seminar and healing mission.

Wauw that hurt, but for all good, when he touched my stomach. As well the left side of my knees and it felt as a relieve when he and his assistant took my head and ankles and pulled my spines, to make them lose.

Time to chill out with funny Ozzie men (the most beautiful men on the earth) on the street in front of the internet café. Chatting with Kaming, the waiter from the restaurant next door. You’re never alone in Kuta!


Packing my backpack in the room of Tujung Bali, with my headphones in, dancing around the room and a Van Hatten atten. Happy times!

Time to go to the Expressobar, laughing out loud, with Gregor and the Ozzie men from Perth. Go crazy, go nuts. Dancing all night long with the phoenix project.

On of the top five, best nights in Bali!


Ozzie Nathan knew one of the waiters in Bounty, so I wish came true. Going back stage in the Bounty, to dress up in the marine suits of the waiter. Chris and Marcus specially for you.....















Dancing in the cage in Bounty, didn’t want to do it when you where there, but now I went nuts (crazy Dutch). Surprise










The bounty closed but we (Nathan and my) had an afterparty with the ‘marine’ boys, outside of Bounty. The arak came on the table. The guys taught my some Balinese words


timpal melah same same best friend

diam same same shut up

kamu cantik sekali same same you are beautiful

aku cinta padamu same same I love you


and a Balinese song en I taught them jij hebt mooie ogen, something different than neuken in de keuken.










Finally I was allowed to eat with my hands, delicious food. The sun came up and we made the plan, to get a beauty sleep and then the guys would pick me up to go to ‘Dreamland’. There was a big swell this weekend. Every surfdude was talking about it, serious stuff, no surfdudes that night in Bounty. I really wanted to see it.

Nathan left because he had to fly back to Perth, but what was the dayz best moment?


Sunday, 20th of May 2007


I woke up because Augusto and his friends were @ Tujung Bali and it was time to go by motorbike to Dreamland! Joepie!



This time no irritating salesladies, because I was with the boys at Uluwatu. Very high waves and the most sexy surfdude ever seen


Swimming in the sea and making beautiful photo’s.






Time to go, to picnic and relax with the sunset on a beautiful spot in Bali gallery, again Arak and eating Indonesian take away. It’s quite hard to talk about the places where if been in the world and they have never left Bali, probably they never will, because they don’t have the money. They haven’t seen Bali and Dwaas and I just rent a car and drive around the island. Even so money is not the important thing in life, love is all you need!










I really enjoyed this BAGUS day, best day on Bali, terimikasi guys!


Back on the road with the motorbike. Woeps a flat tyre. Augusto stopped and went on his own to a garage.










I enjoyed myself talking with a Balinese family who had a shop and three children. There was also a young men called Made. He was sad because he didn’t have a job. In Bali it’s hard to find a job at the moment.

He cried because his parents couldn’t work. His mother had pain in her back and his father was too old to work. I said to him to believe in his self and his loving kindness, that it all will work out, don’t give. We made this photo and I promised (as I did) to sent it 2 him.



Augusto came back with a new tyre and we went off back to Kuta.

Time to go to the photoshop to develop the photo’s we made this day and give them to the guys of Bounty.


Monday, 21st of May 2007














Breakfast in bed, last jaffles with tomato and cheese and cup of tea.  Bought a box of Sempornas in the store.

The excellent photo’s were developed so back on the motorbike to bring them to a friend of Augusto. Impressive to be with locals, a mattress in a small concrete walled room with a closet and a TV and the kitchen outside. Pumped my head on a tree and time to get my backpack from Tujung Bali Inn. Sad feeling!

My in a taxi and Augusto and his friend following my by motorbike to the airport in Denpasar, to wave my goodbye. Cried because it was over, the best journey of my life, 19 months, the best time of my life.

·         Swimming, diving, snorkelling in hundreds of different seas (pacific ocean,   Tasman sea, Timor sea, Andaman sea, South Chinese sea)

·         Sleeping in so many different beds

·         Meeting my soulmate, 4ever friends

·         Meeting people from all over the world, who made my view of the world brighter with their loving kindness, made friends 4ever

·         So many different cultures with their own habits, learned so much

·         FREE AS A BIRD

So time to fly to Kuala Lumpur to catch up with Dwaas. Deal was each of us had to buy a bottle of liquor (booze) to remember the best moments in Bali. So I bought a bottle of Bali moon. But when I went passed the customs, they didn’t allowed me to bring the bottle in the airplane because it’s was over the 100 ml. Bugger!

So decided to go back, but not all the way to the check in, just around the corner of the taxfreeshop, to drink the booze. I had no other choice! No worries. They people of the taxfreeshop were laughing and asked my how come I was doing this. They explained me how to do it the correct way the next time,

because I COME BACK 2 BALI.


A bit tipsy in the airplane Air Asia AK901 at 14.25 pm, making movies on my canon of the ready to take off. Smile from ear to ear! Sleeping in the airplane and a safe landing in KL. Time to pick up the tickets at the information desk from Malaysian Airlines. Problems, the tickets were booked, but the payment wasn’t confirmed by the worldticketcentre in Amsterdam.

That was my problem the lady behind the desk told me. I had to call my parents, that they confirmed it within an hour with the worldticketcentre. Otherwise I had to buy both tickets again, to fly back to Amsterdam. But finally it all worked out, just on time. A meet and greet with Dwaas on the airport, sore throat and lots of Dutch people. Ahhh I couldn’t hear it, didn’t want to hear it.


Sitting in a luxurious airplane at 23.55 pm; you could choose your own cd’s and dvd’s, play game like who wants to be a millionaire?





But not ready for takeoff, because of a flat tyre, two times in a row. Typically Dutch, all complaining of the two hours delay. You can do nothing about it, so just relax, but no way they kept on complaining. Jekkie, don’t want to go back to that country-style. Ohh I want to break free again!!


Tuesday, 22nd of May 2007


After a lot a beauty sleeps in the airplane, we put our feet back on Dutch grounds, Amsterdam airport. It’s was so weird to speak Dutch again, especially when we ordered drinks at the bar, couldn’t get it out of my mouth.


One baileys for my and one Heineken for Dwaas. Cheers big ears of the best time of our life!










Time to get finally our backpacks with yellow flight bags, the only ones left.

A welcome of my parents, nobody else because that was the way we wanted it. Dwaas left by train to Amsterdam and I went with my parents by car to the city council to get myself registered as an inhabitant of Holland again, all for just the bloody health insurance company. Rules rules everywhere in Holland!

Back home at my parents a sheet hanging

(thanks friends)











Crying, I wasn’t happy at all! A big disappointment for my parents, family and friends. Sorry all, can’t explain it, can’t do it over, that’s the way how I felt that moment.

Meeting Linda again, my grownup niece Kim (couldn’t believe that she was so tall and girlie, now 2,5 years old, I left her as a baby), my loving brother Martijn and his girlfriend Ingrid. Eating together and than ready to take off again to go backpacking in the capital of Belanda. I feels great to walk with your backpack through Amsterdam.


To be continued... backpacking in Amsterdam


















lots of love and happiness,



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